Inline 4000S Food Cabinet

FPG provides all its inline customers with market-leading after-sales support.

Our Customer Service Centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By simply quoting your cabinet serial number the operator will have access to data. This ensures accurate information is passed on to a technician so that in the unlikelihood of a problem, FPG will resolve it quickly and efficiently.

These cabinets offer a price competitive solution for the busy food service business wanting to display a large quantity, or wide variety, of food. Lighting and merchandising features are designed to create impact and increase sales.

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Built to save electricity.

This cabinet is easy to clean and has double-glazed panels with highly efficient refrigeration and heating systems.

Shelf angle, light and glass shape are all designed to ensure products are displayed to show them at their absolute best.

With free-flow technology, the Inline 3000S Food cabinet is energy efficient and suited for hospitality.

The Inline 3000S food cabinet can withstand 85 door openings per hour with no loss of temperature.

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