Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Refrigeration or Air Conditioning plant require regular maintenance?

Yes, it has moving parts just like your car and to lengthen the life and performance of your Refrigeration or Air Conditioning plant it requires routine servicing/maintenance in the same way. To arrange a no obligation free quote for routine maintenance on your refrigeration plant or air-conditioning system call Sims Refrigeration on (08) 8370 3111 and ask to speak to the Service Department for a quote.

Does Refrigerant Gas in my Refrigeration or Air Conditioning plant wear out and require change?

Due to the composition and chemical structure of all refrigeration gasses, they do not wear out or expire. So, replacement is not required. This applies no matter the age of the equipment.

How often does my Refrigeration or Air Conditioning plant need to be re-gassed?

Refrigerant gasses, when installed properly do not expire. They only instance where re-gassing will be necessary is if you have a refrigerant leak or poorly commissioned plant.

Should I report any strange noises from my Refrigeration or Air Conditioning plant?

To be on the safe side any abnormal Refrigeration or Air Conditioning plant activity should be investigated before it becomes a break down or a leak.

The glass doors on my display fridge keep misting up what can be done to stop this?

Misting can be caused by a wide variety of factors from the plant itself, temperature settings or even the environment surrounding the installation. Our trained Technicians should be able to assess the cause of the misting in an onsite visit and provide a solution that best fits your type of installation. To arrange on onsite visit please call (08) 8370 3111.

What is meant by a Service Fee?

A service fee is used to cover the costs of getting to you. Provided you are in the Metro area the same fee is charged whether you are 2 or 20 Km’s away. For Country customers you can enquire about our rates with our friendly Service Staff.

What is your Environmental Stance?

We offer the latest in energy efficient systems and ensure that the quality of our workmanship will minimise harm to the environment.
In addition, our comprehensive servicing plans not only improve reliability of plant.  They ensure that the energy efficient system you installed continues to be energy efficient years down the track.  Reducing your energy costs and minimising your carbon foot print

What is your General Response time?

Our policy is to service all breakdowns in the same day depending on severity and priority. We can generally get to you within a couple of hours. If you are currently experiencing a breakdown, please contact our Service Department on (08) 8370 3111 so we can provide an estimated time of arrival and advise on methods to reduce product spoilage. If your breakdown is after hours, please still call on (08) 8370 3111 and your call will be passed onto one of our on call technicians.

What qualifications do your Service and Installations Teams have?

Under Australian Environmental law all Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service and installation Technicians MUST have a minimum of Certificate 3 to be licensed. In addition to this all Technicians must have a current ARC tick certified refrigerant handling licence.  All Sims staff meet this minimum requirement and many of our team members have additional advanced qualifications.  We also bring over 50 years of experience in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry to ensure your equipment is installed, serviced and maintained according to the highest standards.

Will you have the parts I need with you?

As a rule, generally we should, as most of our vans are substantially stocked. However due to the many and widely sourced different brands in the market place we occasionally may not have the specific part required. We do however have favourable service agreements with our suppliers to get parts quickly and offer the best value for money possible.

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